Are You Enjoying the Ride?

Paul Veliyathil
2 min readMar 21


We usually see Earth as a strong, stable platform permanently located in one place. We don’t just see it, we experience it that way, because when we wake up in the morning and look around, our house hasn’t moved. The street in front of the house is the same. All the buildings in the city are in the same place as yesterday.

All that is true, visually speaking; scientifically speaking, it is not true.

To understand the truth that everything is moving when nothing is apparently moving, you must go to a deeper state of awareness about life.

Deepak Chopra calls it being “metahuman”, or going beyond human. In order to do that we have to bypass reality which is mostly illusory. Jesus, Buddha and other spiritual luminaries have done it. We look at them and say to ourselves, “we cannot do it because we are weak sinners.”

“We are sinners” is a story we have been telling ourselves for centuries without questioning its veracity. Can we update that story and proclaim that “we are images of God.” In fact no updating is necessary. Only need to re-learn the original story.

When you do that, life changes in beautiful ways. It is not that hard; all you must do is to pay attention.

Let me tell you how I do this.

When I drive to work in the morning, I travel east, and the sun is in my face. When that bright morning sun blinds my eyes, I adjust the visor in my car. When I return home, I am driving west, and the bright evening sun blinds my eyes. It feels like the sun moved from east to west to annoy me at the beginning and at end of my daily commute. I know the sun didn’t move but the Earth did. During the eight hours I was at work, the Earth rotated about 8000 miles on its axis and traveled almost half a million miles in its orbit.

As inhabitants on planet Earth, we are on a ride, a magical carpet ride orchestrated by the Creator of the Universe. That is why life is often called a journey. We are riding along.

The question is: Are you enjoying the ride?

If surveys are true, most people are not enjoying the ride. I remember reading that only 14% of Americans are truly happy and about 29% truly joyful!

Forget about percentages. The question is “are you enjoying the ride on planet Earth?



Paul Veliyathil

I am a citizen of India by birth, a citizen of the united states by choice and a citizen of the world at heart.